In an effort to direct and better serve for our clients, the page is provided by this feature automated electronic ordering simple and fast.

First Step
Going from the menu to the products and selecting the product group that interests you, you can see the picture, the ingredients and all the necessary information for loading of all packages.

Second step
Beside each product you can see the shopping cart. By clicking with your mouse in the cart, opens automatically a window that confirms the addition of a pallet of the product in your order.

Third step
After you complete your order, please choose the cart from the menu. Here you can see your order and of course you can fix the number of tha pallets or skip by deleting items or add in the same manner described above. Finally, after filling in the details of your request form by clicking the mouse button to send query, automatically send the order through e-mail and also automatically receive a confirmation.

The Sales Department will come directly in contact with you, making all necessary arrangements for the rapid shipment.

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